Message from District C Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer - June 2019

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Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer

District C 2018 Annual Report

 June 2019 Report


  May marked a year in office and a major milestone for improving the City’s Short Term Rental program. During a special council meeting, we approved two zoning dockets to update the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance with changes to the City's STR program. One zoning docket (ZD 26/19) establishes two categories of STR permits: Residential and Commercial. A separate Zoning Docket(ZD 27/19) bans STRs in the French Quarter (except for VCE) and Garden District. My staff has been working to strengthen STR regulations since day one of taking office in May 2018. It’s been a long year and I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished. However, this is the next step in an ongoing process that could take a few more months. The Council still has to pass an ordinance finalizing the zoning changes and  a second ordinance updating the City’s laws on permitting and enforcement.

The Council also approved proposed plans to allow the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) to build a new developme in Bywater. We supported modified approval of Zoning Docket 31/19 for the proposed HANO mixed-income housing complex at 4100 Royal Street. The new zoning caps the number of units to 143 instead of the developer’s 184 unit proposal. Most importantly, we required a planned development for this site which provides additional oversight before construction. We are in the process of creating a working group made up of stakeholders and community members to ensure a building that is designed for residents and the neighborhood. This month, I’m hosting a community meeting to explain next steps for this project and hope to see you there.

Finally, we are in the early stages of reviewing how new businesses and residents can coexist within in historic neighborhoods. I’ve requested the City Planning Commission (CPC) to study outdoors operations of new businesses near residential areas, including outdoor dining and live entertainment. The CPC will hold a public hearing on this issue August 13th and I’m planning a town hall in July to get input from residents and business owners. I’ll keep you updated on the process along the way and I will not make any decisions without hearing your feedback.
Kristin Gisleson Palmer

Councilmember Palmer released an annual report in May, highlighting landmark legislation, major accomplishments, and community involvement from her office. In case you missed it, click here to read the report in full.

Councilmember Palmer hosted a park forum at Alice Harte Charter School in Algiers last month. During the forum, she gave a presentation with updates on improvement projects at several parks in Algiers, and current and potential projects provided by the Administration, which you can view, here.

A ribbon cutting will take place at Bodenger Playground Friday, June 14th at 2PM to celebrate $640,000 dollars in renovations and upgrades. Improvements at Behrman and Brechtel Parks are also in the works.
Additional funds will be available in 2020 to renovate existing park facilities, replace playground equipment and build new amenities for Algiers parks. Over the next few weeks, Councilmember Palmer is requesting Algiers residents to participate in a short, online survey so she can advocate for parks you say need the most attention. Click here to take the survey.

Two ordinances approved by the Council allow musicians to utilize loading zones and street parking temporarily before and after scheduled performances. Councilmember Palmer authored the policy changes as a small benefit to musicians who are not always well compensated. Ordinance 32,562 amends the City Code to permit vehicles loading or unloading musical equipment to utilize loading zones for up to fifteen minutes. Ordinance 32,669 allows those vehicles to park for free in metered spaces for up to fifteen minutes. However, the vehicles must display a musician’s pass while parked in the designated areas.

The free parking pass would be issued through the Department of Safety and Permits to the business authorized to have live music on-site.

The Council adopted a resolution by Councilmember Palmer supporting the creation of a municipal youth card which would provide public transportation for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18. The number of New Orleans households without a car is twice that of the national average, and many students do not have access to adequate transportation without being financially burdened. Resolution R-19-57 supports the creation of a municipal card to remedy this issue, and provide teenaged residents with free and equitable access to job hubs, schools, recreational opportunities, public libraries, and community centers.

Alongside the Regional Transit Authority (RTA), the Administration is currently researching the municipal youth card and its potential implementation. Councilmember Palmer hopes that the adoption of this resolution will support their efforts in making this initiative a reality for New Orleans’ youth.

The Department of Parks and Parkways in partnership with the NOLA Tree Project planted 43 new trees near Federal City in Algiers. The trees were planted earlier this year along Opelousas and Hendee Streets. Parks and Parkways invested about $3,000 dollars in the project and spent a lot less thanks to volunteers and supplies from the NOLA Tree Project. Volunteers planted natchez crape myrtles, nuttall oak and live oak trees. These trees will beautify the area and provide storm water management, negate subsidence, and improve the community’s health. This project shows a true partnership between a City agency and a non-profit organization.

NOLA Tree Project celebrated its 50,000 tree milestone in April and the organization has planted and given away thousands of trees in District C since 2007. We appreciate the work of the Department of Parks and Parkways and NOLA Tree Project for their continued mission to beautify our City. If you would like to help NOLA Tree Project, check out theirwebsite on how to get involved.

Don’t forget to stay up to date on road improvement projects happening in your neighborhood. You can find the latest information from Roadwork NOLA in District C here.
Coffee with Kristin
Friday, June 21st
8:30AM - 10:30AM
Coast Roast Coffee
St. Roch Market
2381 St. Claude Ave.
Community Meeting to Discuss HANO Bywater Development
Monday, June 17th
6:30PM - 7:30PM
Holy Angels Upstairs Concert Hall
3500 St. Claude Ave.
New Orleans City Council
District “C” Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer

New Orleans Public Library Community Input Session - June 13

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The Library is also offering a survey so that residents can share their thoughts.  
Here is a link to the survey:

Norman Playground Pre-Construction Meeting, Wed., June 12

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new orleans mayor cantrell email banner


June 3, 2019 

Contact: LaTonya Norton

For Media Inquiries Only
(504) 658-4962



Mayor Cantrell Amnesty

NEW ORLEANS – Mayor LaToya Cantrell and the City of New Orleans’ Department of Finance, today announced the launch of the three-month Amnesty Late Fee Forgiveness Program for residents to take advantage of incentives to clear past-due accounts with parking and camera tickets, sales and hotel/motel taxes, code enforcement violations, and library fees. From June 3, 2019, to Sept. 3, 2019, residents will be allowed in certain circumstances to pay fees without penalties or additional fees in order to get a fresh start when paying for City services.


"It's all about our residents being able to pay fines and fees or penalties that will be forgiven over the next three months," Mayor Cantrell said. 


“We are very excited to work together with several departments to facilitate a program that gives our city and residents a fresh start. The amnesty program will meet our residents where they are and help them clean the slate as it relates to past due accounts," Chief Financial Officer Norman White said. "We believe this is a win-win for the city and our residents.”


For general information, call the hotline at (504) 658-2019 or dial 3-1-1. Learn more about the program by visiting this link:

A brief summary of each department’s plan:



The City of New Orleans is offering a limited opportunity to pay delinquent parking and/or photo safety citations without late penalties. This means anyone who owes money for parking tickets more than 30 days old, or photo safety citations more than 60 days past due will be able to pay them, minus any late fees. This opportunity to get amnesty will last from June 3-Sept. 3, 2019. This offer does not apply to any late penalties paid before or after the program’s time frame. All previously paid late fees are non-refundable and full penalties and interest will be assessed after midnight on Sept. 3.



1. Pay by phone

For parking tickets call (504) 525-0088

For camera tickets call (504) 658-8082

Pay online between June 3-Sept. 3


2. Pay by phone

Pay Parking tickets

Pay Camera tickets


3. Pay in person at the following locations:

City Hall: 1300 Perdido St. (Adjudication Bureau)

City Auto Pound: 400 N. Claiborne Ave.


For more, visit:



The City of New Orleans is giving business owners and operators the chance to support the Cantrell Administration’s initiatives to help you pay your "Fair Share."

This is your opportunity to settle your delinquent tax accounts, by only paying the base tax amount due and a portion of the interest. You may obtain amnesty on outstanding sales, use, hotel/motel, parking, alcoholic beverage gallonage, occupational license taxes and various permits without penalty, negligence and only 50 percent interest. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE PROPERTY TAXES OF ANY KIND.



In person:


  • If you are new to the City of New Orleans EGov site, please setup your profile, add your account number and the City will approve the request within 24 hours. You will receive an email confirmation once you are approved to file your return.
  • Additionally, as an existing business, you should have received an Amnesty letter detailing your liability. The letter contains a coupon code which is a requirement to file online and receive the discounted tax calculation. Please make sure to have the letter and coupon code ready when you go online to pay. 


  • If you do not have a City of New Orleans Revenue account number, you will need to make an appointment with the Bureau of Revenue to get registered.


The City of New Orleans will only accept certified funds for payment, this includes cashier’s checks and money orders. The City will make available a spreadsheet to help you calculate your liability to obtain the amount to submit in certified funds.


For more, visit:

Or call (504) 658-1TAX (1829) or (504) 658-1637, or email



The Amnesty Late Fee Forgiveness Program for Code Enforcement is a limited opportunity for owners of properties previously found in violation of the Code of the City of New Orleans Chapter 26 Minimum Property Maintenance standards to satisfy liens at a reduced cost.

During Code Enforcement Amnesty, upon successful correction of all violations, reductions of $100.00 per violation (plus administrative cost) will be applied to fines with proof of abatement of all violations. Actual costs such as demolition cost, grass cutting fees or administrative costs cannot be waived.



Submit this form, with the following attached documents:

  • Proof of ownership
  • Copy of all recorded liens to be considered
  • Current photographs showing each corrected violation


For more info, visit this link:

Or call (504) 658-4346, and a Code Enforcement representative will assist you.



The New Orleans Public Library is offering a one-time fine and fee waiver for any outstanding fine and fees up to $100. Cardholders with outstanding fines and/or fees can come into any library branch between June 3-Sept. 3 and receive the one-time waiver.

New Orleans Public Library recognizes that fines and fees can be a barrier to members of the community seeking essential library services. The Public Library serves all members of the New Orleans community and hopes that this program will welcome community members back to the library.



  • Bring a picture ID or Library Card to any New Orleans Public Library Branch between June 3-September 3.
  • Ask about the Amnesty Late Fee Forgiveness Program at any library service desk.
  • Cardholders can bring any outstanding library materials to return fine free.
  • Each cardholder only gets one waiver during the program.


For more info, visit this link:


# # #

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Gen. Meyer Complete Streets Study - Thursday, May 30, 2019

posted May 29, 2019, 2:04 PM by Algiers Neighborhood Presidents Council   [ updated May 29, 2019, 2:04 PM ]

Go to for more information.

Belle Chasse Bridge Meeting - Wednesday, May 29, 2019

posted May 28, 2019, 1:57 PM by Algiers Neighborhood Presidents Council   [ updated May 28, 2019, 1:59 PM ]

DOTD announces 2 public hearings for the Belle Chasse Bridge and Tunnel Replacement
Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 9:31:42 AM
Baton Rouge - The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development announces that the team that submitted a Public Private Partnership proposal to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the replacement structure will participate in two public hearings with DOTD to inform the public and receive comments on the proposal. 

On Wednesday, May 29, the chairs of the House and Senate Transportation will travel to Plaquemines Parish for a public meeting at the Belle Chasse Civic Auditorium, 8398, Hwy 23 in Belle Chasse from 6-8 p.m. The meeting will consist of the DOTD presenting a short overview of the process, followed by the proposal sharing key elements of the proposal, including tolls rates and length of the concession, followed by the department discussing it’s rating of the proposal. The public will be given an opportunity to comment on the contents of the proposal. 

“We have come a long way to get this point,” said DOTD Dr. Shawn Wilson. “When we first launched this P3 concept here in Plaquemines in early of 2018, a great deal of work was still needed. We have since completed the environmental process, have all preliminary permits, secured an additional $45M INFRA Grant, and have completed procurement of the first infrastructure Public Private Partnership in the state’s history.”

"This has been a very interesting and professionally managed process,” said Rep. Chris Leopold, State Representative for District 105. “We have never been this close to replacing this major bridge, and I am happy the state accommodated my request to have the public engaged, and to ensure that the citizens are given an opportunity to hear the outcome of the process, including toll rates. We have patiently participated in the process and I hope the public comes out to hear outcome.”

The Joint committee on Highway, Transportation & Public works will be meeting on Thursday morning in Baton Rouge upon adjournment of the Senate to provide a second opportunity for the public to comment.

“I want to commend the department and thank the citizens for having a very healthy, professional, and productive process,” said Senator Troy Carter, District 7. “While tolling is never the first choice, the reality is that infrastructure like this will require additional revenues, and we have pulled together two-third of the funding that’s needed. It is important to recognize tolling may be a viable option to move this project forward. This P3 project can be an example for other projects across Louisiana that we alone cannot afford to build.”

Following both hearings, the DOTD and the proposed developer will review all public comments and determine if any adjustments can be made. If accepted, the P3 proposer will maintain the new bridge through the period of its contract with DOTD and will recoup its investment through tolls paid by motorists using the new bridge. 

The P3 will be combined with funds from the $45 million Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) grant that DOTD received in June 2018, as well as $26.2 million in federal funds allocated to DOTD, $12 million in federal funds allocated to the Regional Planning Commission, and up to $12 million in GARVEE Bond proceeds. With this financing, DOTD is committed to building a fixed, four-lane bridge to replace the tunnel and moveable bridge on LA 23 in Belle Chasse using private investment.

The current bridge in Belle Chasse was built in 1968, and the tunnel opened in 1956. The average daily traffic is approximately 35,000 and this route serves as the primary access point to the residents, businesses, and industries of Plaquemines Parish. The new structure will benefit the Belle Chasse Naval Air Station while providing more efficient commute times in daily activities and hurricane evacuations for motorists.

Call 511 or visit for additional information. Out-of-state travelers may call 1-888-ROAD-511 (1-888-762-3511). Motorists may also monitor the LA DOTD website at, by selecting MYDOTD, or by visiting the DOTD Facebook and Twitter pages.

Canal Street Ferry Terminal Meeting - Wednesday, May 29, 2019,6 PM

posted May 28, 2019, 1:19 PM by Algiers Neighborhood Presidents Council   [ updated May 28, 2019, 1:33 PM ]

Canal Street Ferry Terminal Meeting - Wednesday, May 29, 2019,6 PM - 8PM

Algiers Regional Library - 3014 Holiday Dr, New Orleans, Louisiana 70131

Please join us for a public meeting about the Canal Street Ferry Terminal at the Algiers Regional Library. We will discuss the Canal Street Ferry Terminal project as well as ask community members for feedback.

The nearest bus stops are Holiday near Gen. De Gaulle (106 - Aurora) and Holiday at MacArthur (106 and 108 - Algiers Local)

Algiers Park Forum, Tuesday, May 28, 6:00pm

posted May 28, 2019, 1:12 PM by Algiers Neighborhood Presidents Council   [ updated May 28, 2019, 1:59 PM ]

NOLA Ready Preparedness Information and Tips

posted May 17, 2019, 3:26 PM by Algiers Neighborhood Presidents Council   [ updated May 28, 2019, 1:36 PM ]

nola ready - the city of new orleans
info circle graphic

May preparedness tips

Illustration of neighborhood cleanup

May June 2019

TGIF, New Orleans!

Take advantage of some dry weather for spring cleaning before Sunday storms. After last weekend's flooding, here's what you can do around your community to #CleanUpNOLA:

  1. Clear debris from catch basins to reduce future flooding & pollution in the lake. Call 3-1-1 to report a clogged catch basin that needs attention from the Department of Public Works.
  2. Empty standing water from flower pots, pet dishes, kiddie pools & other containers to prevent mosquito growth.
  3. Place yard waste, branch bundles, carpeting, tires & other bulky items curbside on your second collection day.
  4. While you're cleaning, protect yourself from sun & mosquitoes with sunscreen & bug spray.
  5. Get involved! Organize a community-wide cleanup or join a scheduled #CleanUpNOLA event.

If your home or business experienced minor flooding from last weekend's Mother's Day storms, see information and resources available to you. Between this stormy spring and the start of hurricane season June 1st, now is a great time to review your home's insurance. Most homeowners and renters insurance policies do not cover flood damage, but flood insurance does. Learn more and search your property's flood risk at

Until next month,

- The Team at NOLA Ready
Helping you stay #ReadyYearRound

Become an evacuteer!

evacuteer icon

During a mandatory evacuation, evacuteers support first responders at 17 pickup points where the City of New Orleans evacuates residents who have no other way of getting out of the city. We need your help! Get trained as an evacuteer on Monday, May 20 at 6pm at the Icehouse. If you can't make it on Monday, Evacuteer's big hurricane season training will be June 17th at 6pm. More details to come.

Read more

Get your organization ready for hurricane season.

Hurricane season starts June 1st and the NOLA Ready team is out in full force to help you prepare. You can request a training for your organization, order free hurricane materials, and renew your reentry placards.

Read more

Sign up for for NOLA Ready Alerts.

Didn't get the alerts we sent about flooding & parking restrictions on Sunday? Sign up to get emergency information directly from the City of New Orleans by text, email, or phone call. Text your zip code to 888777 or go to

Sign up

NOLA Ready is the City of New Orleans' emergency preparedness campaign, managed by the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. 


This message contains emergency preparedness information. Emergency alerts are sent through a separate program. To sign up for emergency alerts, text your zip code to 888777 or go to

Stay Connected with NOLA Ready:


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City Informs Residents That Curbside Recycling Will Continue With Some Changes To Items Accepted

posted May 17, 2019, 2:47 PM by Algiers Neighborhood Presidents Council   [ updated May 17, 2019, 2:47 PM ]

May 17, 2019

NEW ORLEANS — Today, the City announced that its curbside recycling program will continue; however; effective Saturday, May 18 in an effort to simultaneously improve the marketability of recycled items and reduce contamination, Plastics #3 through #7, wax board (juice boxes/milk cartons) and plastic bags will no longer be accepted by its collection contractors or at its Recycling Drop-Off Center on Elysian Fields Avenue. 

Recently, Metro Services Group, one of the City’s collection contractors, received notice from its recycling processor, Republic Services, that it would suspend acceptance of items from residential, single stream, curbside collections effective May 17. Republic citied rising costs as a result of China’s ban on the imports of previously accepted types of recyclable materials and changes in contamination level requirements in the global market as the reason for the indefinite suspension.        

This announcement required a rapid response by Metro Service Group to secure a change in processors. Although alternative arrangements were successfully completed, the suspension by Republic Services highlighted the current recycling situation on the national, regional and local level. 

“We recognize just how important our recycling program is for our people and our city, so we worked alongside Metro, the local business community and our national resilience network to find a solution,” said Ramsey Green, Deputy CAO for Infrastructure and Chief Resilience Officer.

Recycling is facing significant challenges; however, it is important to recognize the environmental and economic benefits that result from refusing unnecessary items, reducing the amounts and types of items purchased and reusing items. Recent articles on recycling note that the majority of the material collected in recycling programs remains in the United States and are used for feedstock in the production of consumer goods. 

Green added: “We must all do our part to reduce contamination to assist collection, processing and manufacturing companies until new and expanded markets are developed. Although contamination from our area has not exceeded generally acceptable levels, it can be reduced further.  It is our hope that these actions will assist in extending the life of the City’s recycling programs.”


Items that will be accepted curbside during regularly scheduled collections include:

Plastics #1 (soda/water bottles) and #2 (milk/juice/shampoo/detergent containers);

Newspapers, junk mail, phone books, catalogs, office paper; corrugated cardboard, boxboard (cereal boxes/soft drink boxes);

Small aluminum and steel cans.

Citizens should not place their recyclables in plastic bags for curbside collection. 

Items accepted at the Recycling Drop-Off Center on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month (next event: May 25, 2019):

Plastics #1 (soda/water bottles) and #2 (milk/juice/shampoo/detergent containers); 

Newspapers, junk mail, phone books, catalogs, office paper; corrugated cardboard, boxboard (cereal boxes/soft drink boxes);

Small aluminum and steel cans;

E-Waste (computers, laptops, telephones/telephone systems, keyboards, speakers, telephone/computer cables, x-boxes, PlayStation, Wii, MP3/DVD/CD players, UPS, Circuit boards, Portable Navigation/GPS devices, ink jet/toner cartridges, digital cameras/video recorders (DVRs), fax machines, small printers, monitors, processors, networking equipment, stereos, security systems);  

Batteries (AA, AAA, AAAA, C. D, 6 & 9 volt, Lithium); Light bulbs (Incandescent and fluorescent);

Televisions (Limit 4), Glass (Limit 50lbs.), Tires (Limit: 5); Mardi Gras Beads, and 

Organics for Composting (fruit/vegetable scraps (peels, skins, pits, or seeds), tea bags, coffee grounds and paper filters, eggshells, nutshells, seed shells, plain bread, grains, and plan pasta (no toppings, meat bones, dairy or foods with oil).  

Food and drink containers should be rinsed out before recycling. As always, Styrofoam, containers with food, and items stained with grease (i.e. pizza boxes) are not accepted in the curbside program or at the Recycling Drop-Off Center.  

Please refer to for more information.

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